• Workshops

    Our instructors have been traveling the globe teaching classes for over a decade. Workshops are designed to help develop the dancer’s skill and provide a structured method of learning various dance movements in a fun, fast-paced class environment. Book us for a workshop at your studio!

  • Private Lessons

    Getting married? Interested in brushing up on your dance skills but don’t want to attend a full class? We offer private lessons!

  • Event Entertainment

    Looking for entertainment for your event? We’ve performed during half-times, parades, and everything in between. Please let us know the date, size of event, desired number of performers, and desired length of performance.

  • Birthday Parties

    Looking for a fun way to celebrate your birthday? How about a birthday dance class! We offer parties for kids and adults!

  • Dancemercials

    We promote local businesses with fun, entertaining dance videos! If you’re a business owner interested in having your business featured, we’d love to work with you!

Interested? We’d love to talk to you.

Shoot us an email at info@richmondurbandance.com with the following info:

– What’s your event?
– RUD ask (private lesson, private performance etc)
– Date
– Time
– Location
– How many dancers needed
– If a performance, how long is the desired performance?
– If a class, how long do we have to teach?
– Details (outdoor, special needs, etc)