Richmond Urban Dance

Voted Richmond’s Best Dance Company by Style Weekly!
TEDx Youth Speakers


(Especially for Saturday Street Sessions)



A variety of street-style dance classes open to all ages and skill sets.



In addition to weekly dance classes, we provide scholarships for our students, and are involved in community projects and giving back to our city.


Richmond Urban Dance is a dance company focusing exclusively on street-style dance and open to all ages and skill sets.


To bring street style into the studio and showcase the raw talent and passion found in our community. To reflect our core values and create a positive and safe space for our dancers to grow their talents and become contributing members of our community.


  • Diversity

    Our classes reflect age, gender, racial and religious diversity and we wouldn’t want it any other way. We are building a community at RUD and we want to get to know you and your story.

  • Authenticity

    People can surprise you. A white mom who can spin on her head. A b-boy who used to take ballet. At RUD we are unashamed of our dichotomy and we encourage our dancers to live authentically.

  • Respect

    We respect one another. We love and respect the history of hip-hop. Our music selections and choreography also reflect respect to both men and women. We respect each individual’s personal struggles and strive to be a light of positivity amidst difficulty.

  • Giving Back

    Giving back is at our core. We offer scholarships to dancers in need. We also participate in ongoing outreach efforts to serve our community.

  • Street Style is Art

    Many institutions don’t consider street style as an art form. But we have seen far too many artists with raw talent come through our doors to buy that. At RUD we embrace hip hop is an art form.


  • Workshops

    Our instructors have been traveling the globe teaching classes for over a decade. Workshops are designed to help develop the dancer’s skill and provide a structured method of learning various dance movements in a fun, fast-paced class environment. Book us for a workshop at your studio!

  • Birthday Parties

    Looking for a fun way to celebrate your birthday? How about a birthday dance class! We offer parties for kids and adults!

  • Private Lessons

    Getting married? Interested in brushing up on your dance skills but don’t want to attend a full class? We offer private lessons!

  • Dancemercials

    We promote local businesses with fun, entertaining dance videos! If you’re a business owner interested in having your business featured, we’d love to work with you!

  • MC/Event Host

    Bring energy and excitement to any event by adding an MC! Let us worry about keeping everyone entertained and the event moving while you focus on what really matters, your guests.